Central Florida Hospitalist PARTNERS

Excellence in Hospital Medicine

Most patients in a hospital have two goals in mind:
1) getting better, and 2) getting home.


Central Florida Hospitalist Partners (CFHP) is committed to helping patients achieve those objectives.


We improve the experience and outcome of hospitalized patients by providing dedicated physicians who focus on inpatient care.

Established in 1999

CFHP has been caring for patients in Central Florida’s largest and most prestigious hospitals since 1999, longer than any other hospitalist group in the region. In fact, we introduced the concept of hospital medicine to Central Florida and continue to set the standard. Currently, we service five Central Florida hospitals:

  • Florida Hospital Orlando
  • Florida Hospital Altamonte
  • Florida Hospital Celebration Health
  • Florida Hospital East Orlando
  • Orlando Regional Medical Center

Each hospital has its own team of CFHP physicians who work in their facility and are onsite 24/7 to address their patients’ needs.

Patient Care

CFHP physicians are experts at getting things done in the hospital environment.  We know how to coordinate all the talents and resources of large medical institutions to benefit our patients.

Among our responsibilities:

  • Determine treatment and medications
  • Decide when specialists are needed
  • Expedite diagnostic tests and monitor results
  • Communicate with patient’s primary physician
  • Release patient from hospital when he/she is ready
  • Be immediately accessible in case of emergency

We are present throughout the hospital stay to provide continuity and maximize efficiency, always keeping the patient’s recovery as our highest priority.

How we do it

At any one time, CFHP has hundreds of patients in its care. Our physicians are committed to their assigned hospital. They have no outpatient practice demanding their attention.

We make every effort to keep our doctor-patient ratio lower than any other hospitalist group in Central Florida. And we have a hospitalist available to answer calls from nurses 24 hours a day.

Additionally, CFHP has dedicated staff who handle many of our physicians’ administrative responsibilities, relieving our doctors of paperwork and allowing them to focus their time and energy on doing what they do best – caring for patients.

Owned & Operated by Practicing Physicians

The physicians of CFHP have been carefully selected. Without exception, they have a proven track record of highly skilled care. In fact, many were chief residents before joining our practice.

One of the ways CFHP differs from other hospitalist groups is that many of our physicians are also its owners. It’s a unique corporate structure that helps us to attract top medical talent and minimize turnover. Our physicians have a vested interest in the quality of care we provide and the satisfaction of our patients, physicians and care partners.

The result is a team of ultra-dedicated hospitalists who are not only excellent clinicians but also kind, compassionate people focused on the health and well-being of our patients.

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